Covid Resources

Returning and Gathering for Worship Guidance

uestions to Consider

CDC Guidance for Communities of Faith

CA State Guidance for Communities of Faith

World Health Organization Guidance

World Health Organization Decision Tree

PCUSA Returning to Worship

Resuming Church Services
(Church Insurance Board)

Returning to Church (Wisconsin Council of Churches)

PCUSA Advisory Opinions


Baptism and Ordination/Installation

Practical Considerations

Cleaning and Disinfecting Facilities

Liability (Church Insurance Board)

Checklist for Returning to Church (Church Mutual Insurance)

Exposure to Virus at Church (Church Law & Tax)

Conducting Council Business Virtually (PCUSA)

Sample Rules from RNOR for Virtual Meetings


Presbyterian Association of Musicians’ Statement

Wisconsin Council of Churches Statement on Singing

Recorded Hymns (Small Church Ministry: non-commercial use of recordings is permitted)

Other Resources

Remote Faith Formation

Digital Church Trends (Barna Group)

Reopening Status of Congregations in Redwoods

Reopening Survey Results

Congregational Survey Examples

Presbyterian Church of Novato
(Word Doc)